Following are some of our more "Frequently Asked Questions":

What is the process to buy guns online from places like or 
Complete your weapon purchase with the seller of your choice.
Tell the seller that STEWART SOLUTIONS LLC is your transfer dealer.
Email or phone us your name, phone, email address and gun description, along with the contact info for the seller.  We need name, voice phone, fax phone and email address.
We will send a copy of our FFL to the seller.
Seller will ship your weapon to us.
Upon receipt of your weapon, we will contact you for pickup arrangements.
Upon arrival for pickup, you will be asked to complete the ATF Firearms Transfer Record form (4473) and we will call the National Instant Check System (NICS) for permission to deliver the weapon.

What is an FFL?
FFL is the acronym for Federal Firearms License.  Some of the types of FFL are; Manufacturer, Dealer, Pawn Broker, Importer and Exporter.